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  • How soon will I recieve my order?
    Most orders are packed within 1-3 days of receipt. They will then be shipped out the following day through USPS. Shipment time depends on the time you chose during checkout.
  • Where do your herbs come from?
    Some of the herbs we use come from our own garden! We never use pesticides on our homegrown herbs. Right now, we currently grow lavender, sage, rosemary, and calendula, with plans to grow more in the future. We also wild harvest some of the herbs that we use, which we do sustainably. These include goldenrod, dandelion, chickweed, violet, and purple dead nettle. Any other herbs that we use in our products, we buy from trusted sources.
  • Will you have different and new products in the future?
    Yes! We have a long list of ideas for new products to make. So stay tuned!
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